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Error writing rules with Business Object having a field of type BigDecimal

Discussion created by Siva raj on Jul 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2010 by J D

Hi ,

I am new to blaze advisor, I have problem while writing rulesets.

Problem description:

I use a java bom, the bom has three members, one is of string and the other two are BigDecimal type. When i try using this BOM for writing rulesets getting error


Error: Expression designates an object and cannot be implicitly converted to a value in this context.

the rule set is :

if obj.field1  is between 0 and 1000
set obj.field2 to 100


The problem here seems to be because of the Big decimal object. How do i use BigDecimal for comparing range of values or for any calculation in rulesets.Kindly suggest the needed solution