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integration Blaze Rules application

Discussion created by Sushant Prabhu on Jun 18, 2010
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Hi there,


I am currently working on Blaze Rules Advisor 6.9. We are developing the BOM using java. We need to integrate Blaze Rules java application with the external apps and our choice to deploy it was in a web-service mode. As part of invoking the Rules web service we would need to pull some data from the database and post invocation need to persist the output of the Rules web service to the database.

I am thinking on the lines of having this ancillary activities for the rules service embedded within Blaze rather than erecting another app for trivial tasks like data lookup for input and persisting output. So accordingly we would have a java function call to wrap the Rules Engine service (now the rules functionality would remain as a core java component) and carry out the necessary tasks. 

Then we deploy the java function wrapper as web service.


Please let me know your thoughts on the same.