David Wei

Help: complie Blaze 6.7 adb with 64 bit JDK and deploy / run in Tomcat 64 bit server?

Discussion created by David Wei on Jun 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2010 by David Wei

Currently we are using Blaze 6.7, we compile the code to adb file with JDK 6 32 bit, and run it under Tomcat 32 bit server?

Can we complie Blaze adb of Blaze 6.7 with 64 bit JDK and deploy to a Tomcat 64 bit server?  Is there any guildline or documentation?

My concern is that the current AdvCommon.jar etc lib from Blaze are compiled under JDK 32 bit, does that affect the running of ADB compiled code under JDK 64 bit?


Thanks for any response!