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1st time Rule execution taking very long time - Urgent !!!

Discussion created by Jake Jane on May 1, 2010
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We are using Blaze 6.6 version and application server WebLogic 9.2. And we are using Oracle 10g table as rules repository. We only have 50-rules for our application. We are noticing that when we execute the rules for the 1st time in the application sever, its taking very long time (over 4-minutes) to load the rules from the DB repository. Also we are observing the CPU and HEAP size of the app server is sky rocketing. Thats a huge concern for us. What should we do to minimize this issue?


We read somewhere that if we pre-compile the rules, the 1st time execution is faster but we are not sure how to do that if we are using a DB table as repository. We are stuck and we need some help ASAP.


Please let us know if we need to twick the server config file or, anything else to improve the performance. Your help will be greatly apprecited. If you have a suggestion, please provide a detailed explanation so that we can implement the solution accordingly.


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