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Migrating from BA61 to BA68

Discussion created by Sandesh Hiremath on Apr 20, 2010
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Currently I am in the process of migrtating my project from Blaze version 6.1 to 6.8. I use BVS private versioning. I am able to migrate the repos to BA68, but unable to include the additional service such as 'custom authorization'.


The custom authorization tool was developed & implemented for the BA61 and is working fine. but after migrating to BA 68  when I update the master repo config file with the element tag <RepositoryAuthorizationManagerFactory>, it is failing at the at the time of creating a new connection on the same. The same mechanism worked well with the ealrier version.


I am getting the below exception:

1. Unable to load ROM config file of the local repository (Original Exception)

2. Repository listeners are not supported by the workspace. Use workspace listener instead.(Secondary Exception)


Any idea on what else is required to modify?


Thanks in advance.