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While Migrating from Blaze6.5 to Blaze 6.8 on WAS7.0.0.7 facing issues while firing rules

Discussion created by pranay jairath on Apr 4, 2010
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I am trying to migrate our applicaton from Blaze6.5 to Blaze 6.8 on WAS7.0.07 and facing some issue when i try to fire rule.


Steps i followed to migrate:

1. I generated the .adv,.rb and .jcp files through Blaze 6.8 Blaze advisor.My blaze advisor java_home path in setenv.bat is the same as of my WAS7.0.07 server.


2. Replaced the Advisor.jar,AdvisorSvr.jar,Advcommon.jar,jsr94.jar,InnovatorRT.jar in my application EAR wherever it was required.Same way as we did for 6.5.


3. Our application jars our lodaed at the client side when we try to open the application link through a jnlp file which loads the jar at client side.This jnlp file has all the blaze jars mentioned in them as i wrote in Comment#2.


4. I enabled the rules but when i try to fire rules from my application GUI.It gives me the following error:


Caused by: com.blazesoft.server.base.NdServerException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/blazesoft/template/repository/deploy/NdRomExtractorConfig
Class 'com.blazesoft.template.repository.deploy.NdRomExtractorConfig' could not be found. Please verify it is on the classpath.
            at com.blazesoft.server.config.NdServerConfigLoader.SiPpbII(:132)
            at com.blazesoft.server.config.NdServerConfigLoader.load(:166)
            at com.blazesoft.server.deploy.javax.rules.admin.NdRuleExecutionSetProvider.createRuleExecutionSet(:126)
            ... 36 more


All the jars are present in the required location and they got downloaded at the client side when we clicked on the application link.Can some body suggest anything?