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Apply changes to group template

Discussion created by Abhijit Mane on Mar 29, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by Jostein Ulseth



context- project has near to 600+ group template instances. Making a small change in front end/display requires to manually check-in check-out of the instances.


problem- Manual check-in check-out for 600+ instances is repeatative task, waste of time and not at all helps in testing/development. This task should be automated and  done by IDE without manual changes.

Workaround- test the changes in one single instance and then apply changes to all instances is currently used. But at the deployment stage, it is necessary to make those changes.


Could anyone suggest an api for the following approach, by which a java code can check-in, check-out the instances and apply the changes? Tried NdRMAInstance API with fixIssue() method. It does not fix the issue. Other suggestions are welcomed other than direct usage of API. Or a work-around by which check-in, check-out and apply changes for 600+ instances could be minimised.


Thank you in advance.