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Discussion created by Dean Pelosa on Mar 22, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2010 by Jostein Ulseth

I'm looking for opinions here.  I have a need to create an EJB that will take in a string value, and look that value up in a table.  The table should have a string to relate this value to, an enabled/disabled boolean indicator and another string related to the one passed in.  Ideally the EJB should return the initial string, the boolean and the related string.  There can be hundreds of rows in the table.


At first I thought of defining a class in Blaze and using that as the data type of single axis row decision table.  However since the req is to return 2 values and I cannot select a custom class as a return type this didn't appear to be an option. 


I had also thought of loading an array of the custom class on instanciation, but I thought that would increase overhead - similar to opening a database coinnection.


Any ideas other then a whole lot of condition nesting?