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need help in architecting a solution

Discussion created by Dave Stockmann on Feb 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2010 by Sean Su
My client would like for us to implement a rules engine using blaze advisor.  However, I am new to this technology.  Before I go to far, I wanted to get some input of the community to make sure that we are doing things correctly.

The client has developed a web application which contains a dynamic question engine.  Which means that each customer can have it's own set of questions.  The plan is to have the web application gather the requests, marshall the data as xml, and then pass the xml to the rules engine.  Ideally, we would make one call to fico passing whatever xml was generated.  We do not want to put conditional logic in our java code to determine which endpoint is called in blaze.  We also do not want to deploy a new web application each time there is an additional set of questions; just a deployment of the new rules.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on how best to implement this type of solution?  Do we want to use XML for our BOM?