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Multiple values in a Decision table column

Discussion created by Shripad Joshi on Feb 3, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2010 by Andrei Palskoi

Is it possible to insert/select multiple values in a decision table column?.


We are trying to use a decision table to apply a common rule in multiple contexts.


In the decision table example below, Call Center and Support Level are the same across products A and B.


Product   Call-Center Support-Level 

A             Chicago       Basic

B             Chicago       Basic

C             New York     Extended


Therefore if we could mutli select Products in the product column we could avoid repitition of Calll-Center and Support-Level Values (like so in example below)


Product   Call-Center Support-Level 

A,B          Chicago       Basic

 C           New York     Extended


If the above decision table were to be implemented as a set of individual rules,  I would end up with just two Rules (by looping over the product). Why does the decision table force us to write three rows (rules)?