Alan Demmin

Advisor Builder Performance With Rule Effective Dates

Discussion created by Alan Demmin on Jan 26, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2010 by Tom Sheckells

I am coding rulesets that use the "from/to" dates for rules and I am setting the clock() to an appropate date in order to filter rules upon execution. 


The problems I am encountering are with Advisor Builder beginning to "lag" as I view and add rules with from/to dates.  The tool quickly begins lagging as much as 5-10 seconds and typing becomes unreasonable.  Is this a memory issue?  I have tried different values for -ms and -mx in the builder.bat startup, but the lagging still happens relatively quickly once I begin viewing the rules with from/to dates. 


This is a very small project with only about 50 rules total and only about 20 rules with from/to dates so far.  Has anyone ever reported this problem before? 


Note: We are using Advisor 6.6 under Windows XP Pro 2002 SP3, and the machine is an Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 2.80 GHz, with 3GB of RAM.  I know this isn't a latest/greatest configuration, but shouldn't it still be supported?  I have tried -ms512m -mx1024m and other values.  Wondering if this is a known issue.