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Delete AppData on Workbench uninstall

Question asked by amarv on May 23, 2018
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Please fix the FICO Workbench uninstaller so that the user settings in the AppData folder (e.g. C:\Users\MarvinW\AppData\Local\xpress-workbench) are also removed.


I observed the issue when I had to roll-back to an earlier version of Xpress and Workbench, and then Workbench was unable to open. It was incredibly difficult to troubleshoot as Workbench didn't display any error; it just didn't open. I had to go into the debug log (e.g. C:\xpressmp\workbench\debug.log) to find this cryptic error:


[0523/] range at 0xfffd3000, size 0x230 fully unreadable


[0523/] range at 0xffe49000, size 0xf84 fully unreadable

[0523/] WinHttpCrackUrl: The URL does not use a recognized protocol  (0x2ee6)


which I then found suggestions online that it this error could be from bad AppData, and fixable by deleting Xpress Workbench's AppData folder.