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Compiled Sequential and Java Wrapper Classes

Discussion created by Bjoern Eilers on Jan 5, 2010
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we would like to do some testing of how the Compiled Sequential execution mode compares to the Sequential execution mode in our applications. However, when calling our entry points after switching to CS, the first condition in the first rule that is encountered throws an IllegalArgumentException because it is not possible to convert an Advisor value of 'null' to a Java value of type 'boolean'*. This condition is something along the lines of "if (someObject.someBoolean= true) then {...}" which also worked if we had a null value for someBoolean (in which case the rule would not be executed).

Up until now we have used the Java Wrapper classes in our Object Model. Is there a way to call the rules without having to redesign our Object Model?


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* this is thrown in some class