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Need help on deployment Manager

Discussion created by Rajesh Elumalai on Dec 16, 2009
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We are using blaze advisor 6.6 ( .NET Version ) . We are trying to use change monitor of deployment dymanically. We have followed the following steps.


1. Run the wizard for deployment of webservice with deployment manager.

2. During the wizard we are NOT selected the time internval ,as we want to do it dymanically.

3. Now our webservie is hosted with deployment manger.

4. We have created the customized RMA and trying to use the following code to invoke the deployment manager manually


NdDeploymentManager dm = null;
  String dmConfig = "E:\\Repository\\deploydmv1\\DMV1Server_ser.dmanager";
  String[] arr = new String[1];
    arr[0] = "DMV11";

  dm = dm.createDeploymentManager(dmConfig);
     NdDeploymentManagerChangeMonitor cm = new NdDeploymentManagerChangeMonitor(dm,"1");



The above code is not working . Please provide your suggestion on how to use the change Monitor manually using Deloyment Manager.