The Experts Ask: What Do You Want to See?

Discussion created by Advocate on Feb 22, 2018

My colleague fernando and I recently just previewed a new Blaze feature, Decision Analyzer (also currently available in FICO Decision Modeler), in our recent Explainable Decisions Webinar that is now available for viewing. While webinars and product feature demos don't always go hand-in-hand, we're so excited about this feature - described in this blog - we just had to highlight how it can be used to help test and debug your decision service.


With the imminent roll-out of Blaze 7.5, as well as our ongoing effort to fill you in on what's happening with Decision Modeler (Blaze in the Cloud), we'll be rolling out some "quick hit" videos to share some of the exciting new features in this release. This is in addition to our already in place live trainings, user forum Q&As, and tutorials.


In addition to new feature videos, we're always attuned to helping you do more, faster, and better with Blaze and Decision Modeler. If there's a process, practice or feature you'd like to know more about, I welcome you to reach out to this board or drop me a line with your thoughts and suggestions. If there's enough interest in a particular topic, we can add that to our list of videos.


As always, thank you for being a FICO Blaze Advisor or Decision Modeler customer.