We want your feedback: Need help explaining your business decisions?

Discussion created by Advocate on Feb 5, 2018

Hello Blaze Community! My colleague fernando and I are going to present a webinar on the topic of explainable decisions on February 13. During that session, we'll provide an overview of what explainable decisions mean to different roles in a business – technical, business, and otherwise. We’ll dive into a unique innovation, soon to be available in Blaze Advisor 7.5 (and currently available in FICO Decision Modeler). This new feature addresses a problem many of us face – namely, explaining how complex decisions are made when there are too many variables and rule sets for the human brain (or even most rules software) to untangle.


Without giving too much away (after all, we want you to come to our webinar!), this easy-to-follow capability allows you to follow an interactive visual execution trace for your decision, whereby clicking on the decision logic, you can see how that impacts the result state – and by clicking on a particular result variable, you can see where that was modified in the logic. (More on this feature is also available in this blog.)


Of course, we will only have time for a handful of questions, but our community is critically important to us. So, if you have any questions for us leading up to the webinar, please post them here. We’ll feature a few of these on the webinar, and the rest we’ll respond to after. Also note that if you can’t make the webinar due to a time conflict, it will be available on-demand, so please register anyhow. Registration also ensures you receive the actual PDF of the presentation.