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Xpress runs successfully but writes errors to xprl.log

Question asked by chrisbates on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by chrisbates

Hi all,

        I was hoping you can help me with odd behaviour I'm seeing. I have an existing Mosel model which used to be run from VBA but which I'm now running from Python using the .Net libraries and the pythonnet package. I've previously used a similar approach in MATLAB, using the MATLAB .NET bridge, without any issues.


This works in the sense that the Mosel model successfully runs and writes out all of its results as expected. However, when it runs a log file called xprl.log is created in the same location as the bim file, and entries such as the following are written into it:


18/01/2018 10:44:07: Assertion failed: threadWithLicensingLock == Thread_GetCurrentThreadID() in file exports.c on line 552

18/01/2018 10:44:07: Assertion failed: licensingLockCount > 0 in file exports.c on line 553


The error suggests an issue related to multi-threading with checking the license. But my python code doesn't use threads at all, and the fact that the Mosel model successfully runs despite these "errors" leaves me a bit unsure what to do.


Has anyone else had similar problems? How did you resolve them?


Thanks in advance for your help.