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How can I connect my third part solver in Xpress Mosel?

Question asked by wendel.melo on Jan 15, 2018
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Hi experts!


I am not sure if here is the best place to do this question. I hope somebody here could point me the right directions.


I have developed a new solver for convex Mixed Interger Nonlinear Programming (MINLP), called Muriqui. I have heard now Xpress Mosel is free and open, and I have got interested. Currently, Muriqui already works with AMPL system, but my experience about AMPL Solver Library (the AMPL's library to support third part solvers) is a little bad.


I would like to develop a bridge to use my solver inside Xpress Mosel ambient because I believe in its proposement to be free and open. So, I have some questions:


1 - Does Xpress Mosek support MINLP models writting?


2 - If yes, How can I get some documentation to connect my third part solver?


Any help is appreciated!


Thanks in advanced


Wendel Melo