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Filter vdl-table display to nonzero rows in FICO Insight application

Question asked by amarv on Dec 15, 2017
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This FICO Xpress Optimization forum might not be the right area for this question, but I don't see a forum for FICO Insight.


I have a FICO Insight application that displays a Mosel entity on the web-based user-interface using a vdl-table. The Mosel entity is mostly zeros though. What's the easiest way to filter the table for the rows that contain at least one non-zero? I'm pretty sure the answer involves vdl-index-filter.


For example, I have the Mosel entities:

Materials_Description: dynamic array(Plants, Materials) of string

rawinput: dynamic array(Plants, Materials, Times) of mpvar


and one of my vdl-page views contains:

<vdl-table page-mode="paged" show-filter="true">

<vdl-table-column entity="Materials_Description"/>

<vdl-table-column entity="rawinput"


                  vdl-repeat="=col in scenario.entities.Times">

<vdl-index-filter set="Times" value="=col.value"/>




then I get a nice table with the Times set pivoted, but there are a lot of rows in the table that are entirely zero. How can I filter out those rows?