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Monitoring  rule service in .Net with WMI

Discussion created by shabbir husain on Nov 25, 2009
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I wants to monitor the ruleservice(deployed as asp.net2.0 websevice with .asmx file)  in .Net through WMI monitoring feature provided with blaze. I am follwoing the example provided with Blaze in C:\Blaze671Net\Advisor67NET\examples\management\dotNET\webservice.

   One of the requirement is to install the name space where the event can be pulished and to grant aspnet account priveledges on that namespace( I am using IIS5)

  For this there is script provided, with example but i  am not finding the the blaze utility netWMICfg  used in the script. The script is

@rem Make sure the namespace is installed in the local WMI repository

@C:\Blaze671Net\Advisor67NET\bin\applications\netWMICfg -install -clean -namespace "root\FairIsaac\BlazeAdvisor\Server"

@rem Set the publish permission to ASPNET

@call C:\Blaze671Net\Advisor67NET\bin\applications\netWMICfg -namespace root\FairIsaac\BlazeAdvisor\Server -setPublisherSecurity O:BAG:BAD:smileysad:A;;0x10000001;;;S-1-5-21-602162358-1336601894-839522115-1011)

 I tried  finding the utility netWMICfg  in 6.1 and 6.7, but could not locate it . Any help on this will be appreciated