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Multi Source - Multi Destination: Shortest Path Problem

Question asked by on Dec 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by Susanne.Heip

Hey Guys,

I am currently stuck wtih my single source-sinlge destination problem.


I would like to transform the model, that it uses all origings and destinations in my excel file and calculations for each "Travel Event" the current shortest path. I tried it many times but only got errors.


I attached my Xpress model und my Excel data base.


Maybe someone could help me here.


Question 1: How can I transform it to a multi source - multi destination and save everything in the correct fields in excel

Question 2: Is the any possiblity to write for every travelevent the exact path (as it already exists in my output data) in my excel sheet?


It would be a great help