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exportprod:is it deterministic?

Question asked by alexis on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by Susanne.Heip

I am exporting my lp with exportprod. After I do some changes in my model, I am interested in comparing the lp files. Or it seems that from one run to the next one, identical constraints are not written the same way. Example:


Run 1:

IntTerm9(78,FN,GT,SK,582): -1900 E(78,GT,582) - 1900 DI(78,GT,582) - 1900 NDI(78,GT,582) +

Flow_Rate(78,GT,SK,582) >= 0


Run 2:

IntTerm9(78,FN,GT,SK,582): Flow_Rate(78,GT,SK,582) - 1900 E(78,GT,582) - 1900 DI(78,GT,582) -

1900 NDI(78,GT,582) >= 0


So when I compare files, this indicates that the models have changed but they did not. Is there a way to guarantee that the 2 constraints above would be written the same way always ?