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mmodbc excel

Question asked by carlosmata on Nov 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Johannes Müller

I really don't know how to read data from excel in Xpress-IVE 64 bit for Windows 10. I have the license to use mmodbc but I don't know why an error appears when I try to call data from excel files.


I found this example in the Mosel Manual, does anybody know what I need to do? I added the Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls) and I think I did it well.


model "Duo input (1)"

uses "mmodbc"



A4: dynamic array(range,range) of real



! Use an initializations block with the odbc driver to read data

initializations from "mmodbc.odbc:data.xls"

A4 as "MyDataTable"



! Print out the data we have read

writeln("A4 is: ", A4)