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RMA Deployment on Websphere

Discussion created by suhas savant on Nov 5, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2010 by Kevin Jones

I am getting following errors while trying to deploy the generated rma.war on websphere v6.0 server:
While importing war in RAD (Websphere v6.0, jre 1.4.2:
!IWAE0006E Archive is not a valid WAR File because the deployment descriptor can not be found (case sensitive): WEB-INF/web.xml!
While deploying war on websphere server:
The EAR file might be corrupt or incomplete.
I also tried creating a new Dynamic web project in RAD, and using the extracted  war contents. And included all the related jar files, but there are so many errors.

Could someone please guide me as to how I could deploy the war( RMA) on websphere server?


Thanks for the help,