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Blaze Advisor 6.8 IDE is taking more time to load the project

Discussion created by Sasi Kasireddy on Nov 4, 2009
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We are currently using Blaze Advisor 6.5.3 and migrated code to 6.8; And, when we open a rule service and click on any decision entity in that project (like - ruleset, rule, variable, function ect.,) - 6.8 IDE is taking too much time (almost close to a minute) to load the project (This is for the first time click - and then onwards I can browse any items in that project with no issues).


But I don't see this issue with 6.5.3 (I even tried with 6.6 & 6.7 versions, no issues) ;

Same classpath entries and same repository - absolutely no changes.


Anyone having this issue (or anyother issues) with Blaze Advisor version 6.8??