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What's the right way to warm-start a MIP solver?

Question asked by sahilsd on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by Livio Bertacco


I'm using BCL to addMIPSol() using a partial valid solution. In the manual, I see this description for its behavior:

2. The function returns immediately after passing the solution to the Optimizer. The solution is placed in a pool until the Optimizer is able to analyze the solution during a MIP solve


In the call-back addcbusersolnotify, the status is 8, which stands for:

8 Solution is dropped. This can happen if the MIP problem is changed or solved to completion before the solution could be processed.


Since it's not the first, I'm guessing my problem is too small before the added solution is processed. Is there any way to ensure that the solution is processed before finding a solution? I've tried using controls like PRESOLVE and USERSOLHEURISTIC but haven't seen any useful results yet.