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Returning reason codes, without using scoring

Discussion created by Simon McVeigh on Oct 21, 2009
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Please excuse any noob elements to my question here, but I'm looking at Blaze Advisor 6.8 for the first time (Java) as my client has a requirement to do the following:


  • Pass a single object to Blaze via a webservice, with all neccessary fields for processing
  • Run the object through a set of policy rules (which we've just defined as rulesets)
  • Return a response back via the webservice containing some sort of array of all rules which were run and their result (pass or fail)


For example, I would expect something back like:




    <RuleDescription>LTV is greater than 80</RuleDescription>




    <RuleDescription>Term is less than 90 but greater than 24</RuleDescription>





Should I use response codes for this (seems to be very close to what I need), or is there a better way to model this, considering we're not using the scoring system?


I should mention that the text description will be hard coded into Blaze by the rule designer, rather than somehow inferred from the Blaze rules as the descriptions will appear in front of non-technical business users and will need to be carefully worded.

Hope this question isn't too embarassingly obvious!