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[Solved]XPress Mosel with C# : how to access solution withou usint Bind() ???

Question asked by Nicolas Derhy on Oct 19, 2009
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I have in my .mos :


   P : set of string

   T : set of string

   transit : array(P,T) of mpvar



The optimization succeed and then, I  want to obtain the values of transit.

How can I do this without using Bind method because I do not want to create useless class.


In the doc, we have something like :

((XPRMReference) myModel.Identifiers["num_small"]).Value.AsMPVar().Solution


but there is an exception when I try ( (XPRMReference)model.Identifiers["transit"] ) saying that it is impossible to cast an object of type 'Mosel.XPRMArrayIdentifier' to 'Mosel.XPRMReference'.



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