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Oracle will no longer trust MD5 signed code/jar

Question asked by nalin.mukesh on Mar 23, 2017
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We are using Blaze 6.8 in our project and there is recent java security changes by Oracle that mentions that Oracle will no longer trust MD5 signed code by default.

So, if any of the blaze provided jars are signed by MD5, we need to update those jars appropriate signing algorithm.


We found that Blaze is using collections.jar that is signed with MD5 and jar NdKjc-2.1A-bin.jar has dependency on this collection.jar file.


Please suggest what should be done or if we can get an updated version of collections.jar that should work with NdKjc-2.1A-bin.jar file since the class package structure of collections.jar is defined in this jar.


Any help on this issue is appreciated .




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