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andOrProvider using RMA API

Discussion created by Chirag Sheth on Sep 30, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2009 by rajitha godthi

I am using RMA API to load rules for instance file of a ruleset item template.


The template uses andOrProvider implemented using association provider based on value set for operator value holder.


if operator vh = "=", andOrProvider = "or"

if operator vh = "<>", andOrProvider = "and"


using RMA API, value for andorprovider is not getting set correctly, but using default value for andorprovider (currently = "or").

e.g.: if state <> ("PA or "NJ" or"NY") - using rma api

        if state = ("PA" or "NJ" or "NY") - using rma gui.


Is there api or steps to ensure andOr value holder is set correctly using rma api.