Unable to Load .adb file

Discussion created by israrul.haq on Feb 8, 2017
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I am new to Fico. I am using Blaze advisor 6.8. I generated the deployment files for a project and compiled the same . It works fine with generated server class. Here wat i am trying to do is, write a stand alone Generic server java program which accepts the .server and .adb file and then execute all the rules. The server configuration file will be modified as per the request. When i am running this program i am getting the below error;




Failure loading projec:http://localhost:8080/DecisionServices/PEP4_service_0.adb



I generated  PEP4_service_0.adb file in my local machne folder . after that i copied into server location where existing adb file are present.


I have seen in my ndconfig.server file only present -  PEP4_service_0.adb  name. we didn't know how to make this configuration like  http://localhost:8080/DecisionServices/PEP4_service_0.adb.


I tried hardcoded in PEP4.server file but unable to generate .adb file after that.


Please help us we are in trouble.