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Entry Point using XML Schema Element

Discussion created by Alan Demmin on Sep 25, 2009
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I have created an XML Schema that defines each class as a complexType and the schema has been imported into an Advisor project.  In the project, I defined an Entry Point function that accepts an input parameter and returns a result, both defined as one of the mapped Advisor classes.


When I generate a Java (or JSR 94) deployment, the server class assumes that the parameter/result of the entry point are DOM Elements.  However, upon reading the documentation "Mapping XML structures into Blaze Advisor", it discusses the need to cast the input Element into the Blaze Advisor type.  It also shows that the Entry Point parameter/result should be defined as DOM Elements, not the Advisor mapped class.


My question is, can I define the Entry Point parameter/result as Advisor mapped classes, and if so, do I still need to cast the parameter/result objects or will the casting happen "behind the scenes" when the call is made to the entry point?


Also, I don't see the way to choose a DOM "Element" as the parameter/result type using Advisor builder.  Is this part of the documentation only necessary if I am mapping an Element to an Advisor class that is not in the schema?