Model Builder hangs on application launch

Discussion created by Makenna.Brei Advocate on Jan 21, 2017

If Model Builder does not close properly (i.e. a force quit, or on a laptop the battery dies while Model Builder is open), it may hang when you next try to launch the app. There are two possible remedies.

Option 1: Launch "clean"

In this remedy, you run Eclipe as an administrator, and using the "clean" switch, to reset its installed parts

  1. 1.    Start > Run >

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

  1. 1.    Right-click the Command Prompt and say "Run as Administrator" (and approve)
  2. 2.    In DOS, change to the Model Builder install directory, and run eclipse.exe with the "-clean" switch. Probably like this:

cd "c:\Program Files\FICO\Model Builder 7.1.0 32 bit"

  1. eclipse.exe -clean

Option 2: Delete your workspace's snap files

If that doesn't work, deleting these two snap files from your workspace will often correct the problem:

  1. 1.    C:\{workspace}\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\.snap
  2. 2.    C:\{workspace}\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\.root\.marker.snap

Then relaunch MB as usual.

  When deleting the snap files, there is a small risk your workspace might "forget" the project(s) it contains, which is annoying but recoverable, as your projects still exist on disk. If that happens, the best way to recover your projects is to make a NEW workspace, and then import the projects (File > Import) from their original location on disk into you new workspace.