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Read in an array of different sets from Excel

Question asked by felix.ober on Dec 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by felix.ober

There Xpress followers,

I have the following problem:I want to read in an array from Excel, the values to be saved in the array are sets of integers (sets contain different numbers of elements).



orders_to_be_filled_on_day: array(time_horizon) of set of integer



! Subset of orders that are active on day d


If I would write the code directly into Xpress-IVE (without using an Excel table), it would look for example like:


orders_to_be_filled_on_day:: [{1,5},{2,6},{3,7},{4,8},{9,10}]


What do I have to write into the 5 cells of Excel, such that Xpress recognizes each value as a set of integers?


{1,3} ?????



Probably, it would already be enough to know, how I can read in a set of integer from Excel. I read through the manuals, but was not able to figure it out.


Thanks for the help!




If it should help, here a bit more from the code:



! HERE AS AN EXAMPLE FOR orders = 1..10, rail_car_type = 1..2, time_horizon = 1..5, scenarios = 1..2



! Subsets

    rail_types_for_order: array(orders) of set of integer                    ! Subset of rail car types that can fullfill a certain order a

    orders_to_be_filled_by_type: array(rail_car_types) of set of integer      ! Subset of orders that require rail car type k

    orders_to_be_filled_on_day: array(time_horizon) of set of integer         ! Subset of orders that are active on day d

    orders_to_be_filled_in_scenario: array(scenarios) of set of integer       ! Subset of orders containing the orders belonging to a scenario s

    Objective: linctr                                                                ! Objective function




initializations from "mmsheet.excel:Data_for_meta_optimization_model.xlsx"

    c as 'noindex;[Tabelle1$E3:F3]'                              

    rail_types_for_order as 'noindex;[Tabelle1$C10:C19]'        

    orders_to_be_filled_by_type as 'noindex;[Tabelle1$E4:F4]'         

    orders_to_be_filled_on_day as 'noindex;[Tabelle1$F22:J22]'         

    orders_to_be_filled_in_scenario as 'noindex;[Tabelle1$E5:F5]'      



!rail_types_for_order:: [{1},{2},{1,2},{2},{1},{1},{2},{2},{1,2},{1}]

!orders_to_be_filled_by_type:: [{1,3,5,6,9,10},{2,3,4,7,8,9}]

!orders_to_be_filled_on_day:: [{1,5},{2,6},{3,7},{4,8},{9,10}]

!orders_to_be_filled_in_scenario:: [{1,2,3,4},{5,6,7,8,9,10}]