Xpress patch release 8.0.6

Discussion created by zsoltcsizmadia@fico.com on Oct 7, 2016

Xpress patch 8.0.6 is now available on FTP and Box for Windows 64 and 32, Linux 64 and Mac 64 from




Xpress-Optimizer 29.01.12 release notes:


* Added new presolve control XPRS_PREELIMQUAD to allow for disabling eliminations on doubleton rows where both columns are present in quadratic terms of a constraint or of the objective.

* Fixed a memory leak in MIP solves with dense factorizations.

* Cleaned up a MIP termination flag that might otherwise cause a subsequent MIP solve to terminate early.

* Added new general environment API function XPRS_ge_setarchconsistency to allow forcing the same execution path for math function on various CPU architecture extensions, in particular (pre-)AVX and AVX2.

* Fixed an issue in the Python interface to allow for dictionaries of items (variables, constraints, etc.) to be added to a problem and used in expressions.

* Fixed an issue in the Python interface where quadratic constraints were read incorrectly.

* Fixed an issue in the Python interface where the Dot() operator was erroneously reading non-NumPy objects.

* Fixed an issue in the Python interface where reading large problems might trigger a crash.

* Fixed an issue with iisstatus() in the Python interface that might make the program crash when omitting one or more arguments.


Xpress-Nonlinear 29.01.12 release notes:


* Fixed an issue in which neutral rows were affecting convergence of SLP variables appearing in the neutral row.


This is the latest Xpress update for the Xpress 8.0 release branch. Please note that it must be installed over a prior installation of FICO Xpress 8.0 and requires a valid Xpress 8.0 license.