White Paper: Standards-based Deployment of Predictive Analytics

Discussion created by michael.zeller@zementis.com on Sep 15, 2016

We invite you to download a white paper by renowned industry analyst James Taylor, published by FICO partner Zementis.


Standards-based Deployment of Predictive Analytics:

Using a standards-based approach to deploy predictive analytics on operational systems from mainframes to Hadoop



Predictive analytics is a powerful tool for managing risk, reducing fraud and maximizing customer value. Organizations succeeding with predictive analytics are looking for ways to scale and speed up their programs and make predictive analytics pervasive. The big challenge for analytics-driven organizations today is closing the gap between deriving an analytic result and getting the ROI. Organizations need a consistent and efficient way to deploy analytic results into everything from systems of record like mainframes to modern big data infrastructure.


This white paper covers the benefits of the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) industry standard which is supported by many FICO products, e.g., for deployment in DMP & DMP Streaming as well as for data mining and machine learning in the Analytic Modeler product suite.