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CVS configuration problem on 6.5

Discussion created by Jim Brent on Sep 16, 2009
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trying to run utility update command for a CVS repository and is failing with:
Failed loading repository connection from "fileCVSRepository.cfg".

Everything is working fine from Advisor, just can't get the config file setup.


java com.blazesoft.template.repository.admin.NdRomAdminUtil update -workspaceConnection fileCVSRepository.cfg  -entryLocation "/" -verbose


cfg file:

    <Factory> com.blazesoft.repository.file.NdFileCVSServerConnection </Factory>
    <Host> </Host>
    <Name>  iip </Name>
        <RepositoryName>e:\Blaze\IIPCVSWorkspace\iip </RepositoryName>
    <Port> 2401 </Port>
    <Path> /home/cvsroot </Path>
    <Type> pserver </Type>
    <User> xxxxxxx </User>
        <Password> xxxxxxx </Password>


any ideas?