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BA.NET 6.7.1 RMA problem with CVS repository

Discussion created by Alvin Cabansag on Sep 10, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2009 by Alvin Cabansag

We are trying to generate the RMA for a project in a CVS repository. The RMA  gets created fine but when a user tries to login the first time to the RMA, the application gives the error :


[Could not get project by location '/Business Library/My RMA Folder/My RMA'.]

When we looked at the user's workspace folder, we found that only the top level folders were downloaded from CVS and created in the workspace but the folders themselves were all empty. When the user connects to the CVS repository the first time through the builder IDE, all repository entries are downloaded successfuly. It's just via the RMA that we see this problem. At first it looked like a permissions problem but giving ASPNET user complete access to the workspaces does not fix the problem.


Has anybody run across this issue with the RMA and CVS in 6.7.1?