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applications without local Xpress installation

Question asked by on May 11, 2016
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I am currently doing an assignment for a company and the implementation result is also a part of it.

I have a student license on my laptop and I use the university copmuter and their license if the problem becomes to complex (which gives a to much constraints error).


I am wondering if I can make a self excecuting model (so for example an .exe file) to leave behind at the company when I'm finished.

My plan is to use a python or java program to get some data from websites and files as well as making some kind of dashboard to give it a good looking interface. Then the user should be allowed to click on a button, which then activastes/opens the self excecuting model from mosel, which then reads the data (From datafile and/or excel file) solves it and writes data back (to a datafile and/or excel file). Then the program should read that data and show it in the dashboard.

However the company itself does not have Xpress and is to small to afford a license.

I await your reply with interest


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PS: I read the Guide for evaluators 2 and Multiple models and parallel solving with Mosel , however could not find something that applies to my situation