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List provider with huge number of entries and (0|1)..n multiplicity in RMA

Discussion created by Bjoern Eilers on Aug 31, 2009
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Hello everyone,


when I have a list provider whose list size is very huge (e.g. a provider connected to a database that returns a list of products), and use this provider in a value holder with an 0..n or 1..n multiplicity, then for each entry created by the value holder, the RMA generates a line of HTML code to add the option to the selection list if we are in Edit mode.

E.g., if we have 100 entries in the current instance and the database-driven provider returns 1000 entities, we would have 100 000 entries, increasing the filesize to be downloaded from the RMA by an enormous factor.


Did one of you encounter this problem before and was able to find a workaround for this?


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