Jeremy Chen

Deploying SAS models with Blaze Advisor

Discussion created by Jeremy Chen Advocate on Apr 20, 2016

You can now deploying SAS models using Blaze Advisor, with speed and fidelity. A top US bank recently completed their initial development and performance test work to deploy over 10 SAS credit risk models using Blaze Advisor. They were very happy with the ease of deployment and the very good performance they were able to achieve. And what's the best thing? While it used to take over 12 months to deploy one such model, they can now do it in weeks.


How do they achieve this?


They use FICO's Model Translator Java. This tool converts SAS datasteps into a Java program which is then imported into Blaze and invoked as part of decision services. The conversion is fast and provides validation check. There is no need to change anything to the application code, because the application logic in which the models are applied is completely encapsulated in decision services that are managed by the business users themselves.


What's more, Model Translator SRL can even translates SAS programs into a Blaze project. This means that the actual model logic can be reviewed, tested, audited, traced, and perhaps even tweaked by the business analysts via the web based RMA interface. Pretty nifty, isn't it?