Alan Demmin

RMA Grouping for Global Objects and Rules

Discussion created by Alan Demmin on Aug 18, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2009 by Jostein Ulseth

I am developing a new RMA for business users to define business objects and their associated rules in a single location.  For performance reasons, I want the business objects to be defined globally to the rule project, yet the rules to be defined within a single ruleset for all objects of this type.  The plan is to allow the global objects to remain in memory for the lifecycle of the rule service and have their properties re-initialized by a function call, instead of being created and destroyed each time the ruleset is invoked. The ruleset will contain rules that assert various values of the global objects.


If this sounds reasonable, then I am having difficulties understanding how to create the proper RMA templates.  I have read the best practices section but I am unsure if I need to define a Group Template which contains an Object Template and a Ruleset Template?  Or is there a way to do this with a Ruleset Items Template that is linked back to a Ruleset (somehow)?  Is there any additional documentation on Groups and Ruleset Items templates?  I think the Template Type Reference for Groups is incorrect since it refers to Data Element Templates.