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Problems in configuring the Deployment Manager

Discussion created by Sar Nalli on Jul 4, 2009
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We have developed a Rule Service using Blaze which integrates with an external web application. The application has the following components.


--> The Rule Service built using the Blaze Advisor's Quick Wizard along with the deploymant Manager.
--> An External application(Websphere Client) which access(runs) these rules.
--> Blaze generated RMA to maintain the rules.


The Rule Service is developed in the following steps and is deployed into the websphere server.


1) We have created a definite rule(if you shop for more than 300$ you will get a cash back of 10$) in the blze advisor.
2) Generated the Rule service using the Blaze Advisor's Quick Wizard along with the deployment Manager.
3) Generated the ear file by running the build.xml and deployed the same to websphere server.
4) Precompiled the deployment manager using the .server and .dmanager configuration files.
5) Started the deployment manager using the new .dmanager file and the .adb file created.


Made use of generated wsdl file to create the webservice client and deployed the same into the same websphere server.


Generated the RMA using the Blaze's Quick Wizard.


Having done all these, we are able to access the rule service via the client(If we send the shopping amount is 400$, we are able to get the cash back as 10$). If we change the rules through RMA(the cash back from 10$ to 20$), we are able to see the same reflected in the blaze application. However, if we access the service from web application, we still get the same old result(10$). If the service is deployed again following the steps through 1 to 5, we are able to get the new result.


That means, the deployment manager is not monitoring the rules correctly. We have tried lot of things by seeing the available pdfs, but all our efforts went invain. We badly require this to replicate the changes made in the RMA to the front end.


Can someone please help me in getting the deployment manager working?


Thanks in Advance,