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BRUnit and TestCases / Rule verification from the outside

Discussion created by fabien neibaf on Jun 15, 2009
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I want to use the BRUnit feature for testing test-entites of the repository from command-line or by using Java-calls. Theres is an example available for configuring tests using XML-formatted-files with ".brunit"-extension. But this example is related to testing the whole project:


  <SuiteName>Prom Rules Test Suite</SuiteName>


      <MapAllPropertiesEnabled> false </MapAllPropertiesEnabled>
      <Project> /JSR94Test-Ordner/JSR94Test</Project>


    <Name>Prom Rules Tests</Name>



 So my question is: Is it possible to test only the defined test-cases (that can be defined as properties of a function) of the repository?




And yet another question: Is it possible to run verification tests from the commandline (outside Builder / RMA?) or with the use of some API-calls?


Thanks in advance!