strange currency behavior

Discussion created by Spar on Jun 10, 2009
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by example...


Example 1 (compiled and ran within blaze advisor):

currencies().formatMode = NdCurrencyManager.FORMAT_SYMBOL_LEFT.

someInt is an integer initially 100*100.


print("display first way: "currencies().dollar.amount(someInt ).preciseAt(0)).
print("display second way: "(someInt as a money).preciseAt(0)).



display first way: $10,000

display second way: $10,000


Example 1 (adb loaded from java app)

   We use Java BOM's


I create an blaze integer and assign it to an int field from a bom times 100.

I then display it as the above two print statements and...


the result:

display first way: $10000

display second way: $10000


I checked all the settings and can not seem to figure out

why when I try this using the adb approachthe

the commas are missing.


Any thoughts?