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how to connect Blaze advisor to the Integration server of webMetohds?

Discussion created by jingjing luo on Jun 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2009 by Carole-Ann Matignon
Hello guys, I have a problem to configure Blaze Advisor for IS de webMethods 7.1.2, i know that we should define IS port in the Properties tab in the projet, but it's empty. I've already found one sort of solution : http://www.wmusers.com/forum/showthr...=blaze+advisor but in my BLAZE_HOME\Advisor66\lib , i can't find "WmBomExtension.xml" and "WmDeployerExtension.xml" files. Maybe that's for the version 6.5? Thanks a lot for yours helps DavidLUO Edit/Delete Message