Kevin Jones

Date widget selection doesn't trigger onChange Event

Discussion created by Kevin Jones on Jun 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2009 by Senthil Kumar

Having more trouble in Blaze Advisor 6.6.1 with Smartforms 6.6.1, if I can't get an answer here I'm going to have to escalate through support.


Using a xsd:dateTime format with the built in date widget, when a date and time is picked, then select is depressed and new dateTime shows up in the text field.  The problem is that now a date exists in the text field it should be seen as a "Change" event.  Nope!  It only sees it as a change if some other event is triggered.  This is extremely frustrating.  Somebody please help!!!  Same thing happens if I have the field set as a date onLoad, then change it through the widget.  Why would it not see the new date as a change to the field???