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Info required: Performance degradation with many conditions

Discussion created by Bjoern Eilers on May 20, 2009
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in our Rules Engine we have a lot of rules that are of the form


if ((condition_a_1 or condition_a_2 or ... or condition_a_n) and
    (condition_b_1 or condition_b_2 or ... or condition_b_m) and
    ...) then {
   // action code goes here

Mostly, these conditions are string or integer comparisons.

Now, my question is as follows: how will performance degrade in a worst case scenario where each condition is false? Will runtime increase linear to the number of conditions, or might we expect a non-linear increase (e.g. quadratic increase)?


Also, is there a best practice regarding long lists of conditions? Currently we use providers with a multiplicity of 0/1..n and display them on the same page. Is there another option to quickly allow creating or editing such long lists?


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