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Help Required : Best Process to design Object Model

Discussion created by Prageet Dak on May 15, 2009
Latest reply on May 21, 2009 by Jostein Ulseth

Hi Guys,


I am working in health care project. As we are using Blaze to validadate claims. For that we have to design Object model. But Claims which get, contains some 1000s claims in one particular physical file.


Now we have got two Approaches and please tell me which one is the best feasible to use in performanace wise.




We have generated one schema and based on that XML is generated. However, our problem is to process claims , we have one physical file which contains thousand of claims and we have to pass XML file to blaze from websphere process server. How strong is this approach performance wise and upto what extent is feasible?




Another approach is that we design Database Object Model through SQL query to retreive information related to claims and process it and update again in database.


Which approach best suite performance wise, as our physical file is containing 1000s of claims and how flexible is blaze enough to load all the data from the database.Will there be any memory related issues?


Guys, please throw some light on this and share your views. It's urgent.



Prageet Dak