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BOMA Handling of XML XSD decimal data type

Discussion created by Joe Garrity on May 11, 2009
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We have an xml schema which is imported into Blaze via the BOMA. The xml schema has elements which are decimal type. These element's values are expressed in millions. Part of the rule processing is to sum these values based on various conditions and to return the results in the XML stream in a element that is of decimal data type.


The question has to do with how Blaze handles XSD decimal data types and the returning of values. I have seen Blaze map decimal XSD data types to real data type. On the input xml stream, a value is expressed in a display decimal format such as 10,000,000. This is valid from a xsd perspective. When the xml stream is interrogated in Blaze, it now shows up as a real value (for example 1.0E7). If a newly summed value (which is decimal data type in xml schema, but is real data type after it is mapped into Blaze) is returned in the xml stream as an element of decimal data type, a real value is returned. The real value of 1.5E7 is not a valid value for a decimal data type in the XML stream.


Has anyone had a similar experience and found a way around the handling of a xsd decimal type?